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09/23/14Author: Carlos Nazario - DaWindyCity.com

Willie Young Proving To Be Surprise For Chicago Bears

Willie Young Proving To Be Surprise For Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears escaped from New York with a hard-fought 27-19 victory over the Jets. The defense played well, bending but not breaking. The Jets went into the red zone six times, but came away with only one touchdown. A big reason for the defensive success was Willie Young.

Young had one solo tackle and three assists. Where he really excelled was rushing the passer. He made Jets quarterback Geno Smith‘s life miserable. Young was constantly in Smith’s face, getting to him and sacking him once.

In a key play in the third quarter, as the Jets were driving on the Bears’ 18-yard line, down 24-13, Smith dropped back. There was Willie Young flushing Smith out of the pocket, then he threw into the end zone, where cornerback Kyle Fullerpicked it off for his third interception in two weeks.

The Bears made a big splash during free agency with the signings of Jared Allen and Lamarr Houston. So far this season, however, Young is the star on the defensive line. He has 12 tackles to go along with four sacks. Allen has 11 tackles, but is still without a sack. Houston has just three tackles and no sacks.

Last season, Young had three sacks. He has already passed that three games into the season. He has a total of six sacks for his career, and he looks like he can reach that number this season alone.

Allen and Houston play a great deal of the game, so the Bears have had to find more playing time than the 21 snaps he took in Week 1. They are more than happy to do so with Young’s play.

The Bears now have a three-man rotation at the defensive end position, and that will come in handy late in the season when their legs will be fresher.

Head coach Marc Trestman spoke about having a good rotation on the line. “We’re getting to a place where we think we’re going to have a pretty good rotation with the three guys,” Trestman said. “That’s not only going to allow them to have their legs as the season progresses, but they can have a little opportunity to rest at some point in time during the course of a game.

“So longevity for our players, as well as being able to utilize their strengths, that’s a good thing. We have moved Young up, we’re going to try and divide it up as much as we can to rotate these guys around so they can be at their best when they’re playing.”

As Young receives more praise, he tries to spread it to the rest of the line. He is a team-first guy, and doesn’t mind sharing the accolades.

Hopefully Willie Young can continue his good play. If he does, it will make the Bears’ front line a formidable one as the season wear on.

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