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06/09/13Author: Justin Rogers - Mlive

Willie Young joins Ndamukong Suh’s youth football camp

Willie Young joins Ndamukong Suh’s youth football camp

DEARBORN, Mich. --Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is conducting his annual football camp at Dearborn High School this weekend. The program is designed, according to Suh, to teach the kids fundamentals, hard work, dedication and humility.

"It's exciting," Suh said. "You see a kid out here, you see them growing and getting better, understanding the game of football, as well as letting them see I'm a normal person, a regular human being that they can touch."

Suh was joined by a number of his teammates on the defensive line, including Willie Young first-round draft pick Ezekiel Ansah.

The event is one of the few times Suh shows a lighter side to his personality.

"No question, you don't have a serious Suh on this football field," Suh said. "The kids definitely bring a different side of me out, the more fun-loving side.

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